China’s New 2020 Approach: Rewriting the Rules of Competition in 2012 and Beyond

China has radically altered the structure, economics, and competitive landscape of a host of industries: textiles and garments in the 1980s, consumer electronics and industrial chemicals in the 1990s, and automotives and telecommunications equipment in the 2000s. In most cases, the resulting transformation has been highly disruptive, creating an unexpected new caste of clear winners and losers, who all held a common belief to their detriment: our industry won’t change.

Although China is by no means the sole driver of change on the global healthcare stage, its emerging role as a leading pharma market, the scale of its single-payer system, and its burgeoning manufacturing, scientific, and clinical capabilities all indicate that the ever-growing powerhouse could become a key catalyst for the industry’s biggest inflection point in more than half a century. With China’s drug market expected to surpass the combined European Union in 2015 and the United States by 2020, proactive firms must prepare for impending change, and even the greatest of skeptics must stop to ask the question – is our firm prepared to respond to China’s potential for disruption?To ensure your firm is well positioned for this imminent industry shift, join George Bader, leader of the Monitor Group’s Life Science practice in Asia, for this must-attend Webcast, where you’ll find answers to the life science industry’s most pressing questions.

December 1, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT
Duration: 90 minutes

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