Harmful Catching Cold Treatments

Poisons and meds are often the same substances…

A little bug can turn out to be more insidious than you expect. Treatment methods have changed over the years and improved as well. Nevertheless, there’s always a catch. A common cold can be avoided or aggravated with the misleading treatment ideas, and grandma’s methods learned from their parents who didn’t necessarily have sufficient medical knowledge and education.

Little Bug Treatments: Common Myths

Hot & Spicy Toddy

It’s a myth.

Trying to deal with sniffles through hot drinks made on the base of whiskey (even in the smallest amounts) mixed with lemon juice and hot water + spices might make you feel better for a short time. Your body will get warmer, and the faster-running blood will help you deal with shivers in combination with a hot shower and warm blankets.

Cold Treatments

Nevertheless, alcohol is not effective against the common cold. It will only help you clean the surface of your throat, but it will not have any curative effect. The mucous membranes will get drier and only make you thirsty. Your condition will not be improved.

A better option is drinking a lot of water and citrus juices. Mint tea is also an option. The best you can do is sustain the hydration of the body. 8–9 cups of water or tea will be better than toddy.

Hydration is the best treatment.

Facing the Symptoms Without Treatment

It’s a dangerous myth.

A hot toddy will not make you feel significantly worse compared to this “tried and tested” method. It’s not a method. Some people think that withstanding the cold facing the symptoms without taking any medications will make the body stronger. They are sure that the meds are not obligatory for a human body.

Nope. The trouble is that you spread your catching cold to the other people ignoring some meds. Besides, even a common cold replicates your cells from the inside, which will only result in chronic conditions. A runny nose and a sore throat should be appropriately treated to avoid complications.

A better option is dealing with the symptoms. Antibiotics are prescribed in rare cases. You only need an effective anti-inflammatory drug to beat the symptoms and help you lead a normal life while being sick. Ibuprofen is one of the most common anti-inflammatory meds.

If you want to suppress the cough or get rid of the runny nose, antihistamines will come in handy.

Vitamin C

Somewhere in the middle.

Vitamins are useful, but they are not remedies. Nevertheless, some people still consider Vitamin C a universal treatment for colds, fevers, and even cancers. Yes, it does help to reduce the symptoms. Vitamin C is only a part of reasonable treatment and not the most significant one. It helps to control the temperature.

Too much Vitamin C causes diarrhea. Be careful.

Mixing the Drugs

It’s a myth.

Even the most expensive and trustworthy drugs can result in unpredictable after-effects if you have no idea about their composition and interactions. Reliable generics are offered by the My Canadian Pharmacy, e-store with low cost and dependable delivery, as well as brand meds like phenylephrine, pseudoephedrine, and oxymetazoline in all forms, demonstrate severe side-effects when combined with antidepressants and decongestants. Remember that no matter how safe and high quality they are, all drugs can cause a number of serious adverse reactions in case of incorrect use, e.g., in association with antidepressants, so make sure to consult the service’s pharmacy technicians before ordering.

Patients with blood pressure problems should be especially careful.

  • Check the warning labels on the meds;
  • Consider your current conditions and chronic illnesses;
  • Consult the pharmacy technician about the potential interactions.

Effective Catching Cold Treatments

Alternative treatments and additional supplements exist. These are herbal supplements and regular foods most people have at home.


It boosts the immune system.

Echinacea purpura plant extract truly makes a recovery a lot faster, according to the tests on people. However, there’s no scientific explanation for it.

  • Echinacea causes severe allergic reactions in people intolerant to pollen and weeds.
  • Buy herbals in reputable pharmacies because governmental healthcare institutions do not control herbal supplements.
  • Echinacea is useful for venomous bites, boils, and swollen lymph nodes.

Chicken Soup

A little magic. A little science. A little chicken soup.

It’s one of the most fabulous recipes from your grandma. Chicken soup has many advantages:

  • It demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties;
  • It helps the patient to sustain hydration;
  • It helps to improve digestion.

Cook chicken soup on your own because canned soups contain sodium. If you don’t have time for it, look for the low-salt brands. Nevertheless, there’s nothing better than even the fattest homemade hot chicken broth.

Essential Common Cold Treatment Options

Here are the most common things to stick to while facing the cold:

  • The more liquid you absorb, the better. Warm water with honey and lemon juice, vegetable and chicken broths, juice, and plain water will help digestion and lower the temperature. Opt for decaffeinated tea or coffee.
  • Your sore throat and swollen nose will feel better after the use of saltwater gargle.
  • Use the saline-based drops do get rid of the stuffy nose.
  • Don’t ignore taking regular baths and showers. An air humidifier will also improve your condition.

Be Careful with Zinc

Zinc taken orally can reduce the time of the illness. It’s a useful supplement beneficial for the adults.

  • Zinc might cause indigestion or nausea;
  • Zinc is not helpful for the kids.

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